What are the different costs involved with the creation of a website?

There are two separate cost elements involved in the creation of a web site.

The first is a smaller recurring cost that includes the registration of your domain name and what you pay the web hosting company to rent the Internet space for hosting the site. LJC can host or you can host elsewhere.

The second is what you pay someone to actually create the site for you. There may also be some on-going maintenance costs depending on how often you require changes to be made to the site when it is complete

How much does a website cost?

All our websites are individually priced depending on the customer's exact requirements. As a guide basic websites of between 1 and 8 pages start from as little as £200 net. This includes the registration of a domain name, website hosting for the first two years and three associated email addresses.

For an even cheaper option have a look at our templates for sale.  These are pre-designed but still offer some flexibility.

How much does the website hosting cost?

We offer various, value for money options for customers that are not multi-national companies requiring huge databases and bandwidth to power the site. You simply do not have to pay for resources that you do not need. Our hosting plans start from £30.00 net for two years and this includes a free domain name for life whilst hosting with us for designated extensions (.co.uk included).

The domain name renewal time scale varies and depends on the type of domain (.co.uk or .com etc.).

What is website hosting?

In order for your website to be accessible to everyone it has to reside on a server (computer) which is always running, and has high speed network links to handle potentially large numbers of customers all trying to access the same site. This is known as 'hosting' and most website owners are charged a monthly or annual fee for the service - normally by the company who created or maintains their website.

What is a domain name?

A "domain name" is simply the name you enter to access your website (such as www.your-company.co.uk). Assuming the name you want hasn't already been sold, then it can be 'purchased' for a small fee. The fee allocates the name to you for a certain period of time, which varies depending on the type of name (.co.uk, .com etc.) but typically 1 or 2 years and gives you the first refusal when it is due for renewal.


We've found you cheaper than our current provider. Can we transfer our website hositng?

We believe that our website hosting costs and packages are amongst the most competitive available. In most cases substantial savings can be made by transferring your existing website hosting to us. We can normally help you move from your existing hosting company simply and easily.

We will need a copy of your website, but your existing hosting company should supply this. We can discuss and organise directly with them on your behalf.

We would provide our customers with a full copy of all the code. This allows our customers to easily transfer the hosting of their site in future should they so wish. We make no charges for transferring hosting to other companies, although we can't refund any unused hosting fees.


Do you have any website templates available?

We have a small selection of Brochure Style and Content Management System (Joomla \ WordPress) websites that you can modify further - all at knock down prices. See our template sale page. 


Do you offer any other IT services?

Our Home page provides details of our most popular Services, but this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all the services we are able to provide. If you are interested in any IT Service not listed, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on 01437 532 813 for further information.


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